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The protective principle of flame retardant fluorescent clothing

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Flame retardant clothing is one of the most widely used varieties of personal protective equipment. The protective principle of flame retardant clothing is mainly to use shielding functions such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, and carbonization isolation to protect workers from open flames or heat sources. Since high visibility plays a vital role in worker safety, fluorescent clothing is also important for personnel performing night operations or working in other harsh lighting conditions, primarily to make the wearer stand out from the background so that Clearly visible from all angles, reducing the risk of accidents in potentially hazardous situations.

The flame retardant fabric used in the flame retardant fluorescent clothing can slow down the spread of the flame when it directly contacts the flame and hot objects, and it will extinguish itself immediately after the fire source is removed, and the burning part will be carbonized quickly without melting, dripping or piercing. Give people time to evacuate from the burning site or take off their burning clothes, reduce or avoid burns and scalds, and achieve the purpose of protection. In addition, the fluorescent fabric and reflective strips of the flame-retardant fluorescent clothing can enhance visibility in day and night, and can reflect a large amount of light so that people can see it from a distance, and it can better serve as a warning. Safety clothing made of this high visibility fabric can be easily spotted by night drivers no matter whether the wearer is in a remote place or under the interference of light or scattered light.

Flame retardant fluorescent clothing is novel in style and has a reasonable design structure. Clothing accessories such as sewing threads, zippers and buttons are all insulated, easy to use, and durable. Protective clothing is light in weight, soft in fabric, strong in flexibility, high in strength and good in wear resistance, good in breathability and moisture permeability, which is conducive to human body activities, safe and comfortable to wear, and is widely used in metallurgy, oil fields, petroleum, chemical industry, fire protection, welding, transportation , transportation and other industries. The styles of clothing produced by Yulong Textile include jumpsuits, split suits, jackets, overalls, shirts, trousers, etc., and the materials include cotton, CVC, cotton nylon, aramid fiber, and denatured acrylic cotton. In addition, there are composite protective clothing superimposed with various functions such as anti-static, anti-acid and alkali, oil and water repellency, and anti-arc. Welcome new and old customers to inquire!

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