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Workwears are specially made clothing for work needs. Customized work clothing can not only reflect personal temperament, but also reflect corporate image and style. In terms of design, according to the requirements of customers, combined with professional characteristics, team culture, age structure, body shape characteristics, wearing habits, etc., considering the color, fabric, style, shape, and matching of clothing, we provide the best design solutions for Clients create a professional image.

First of all, the customization of workwear pays attention to functional protection. Work clothing should not only put safety and protection functions in the first place, but also minimize the binding force of clothing on the human body, so as to improve work efficiency. Clothing can be added with functions such as anti-static, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-arc, acid and alkali resistance. Followed by customized version, emphasis on fabric selection, good fabric surface is neat, soft touch, no pilling, no wrinkle, comfortable to wear, more business sense, and easy to work, but also enhance the overall image and mental outlook of the enterprise point. Pay attention to individual needs and design according to the brand tonality, making workwear more fashionable and generous. In addition, the design of customized workwear is reasonable, and the style is gradually becoming fashionable, simple and elegant. It can also be printed, embroidered, and accompanied by company name and logo, so as to unify the image of employees. Because work clothing are not only a representative element of a person’s professional attributes, but also an external manifestation of corporate culture and overall image.

The customization of workwear has a breakthrough in traditional design concepts, which can provide customers with personalized customization operations and better display corporate culture. The main purpose of customizing workwear for enterprises is to highlight the brand attributes and at the same time enhance the overall external image of the enterprise. 🔅 We are a professional clothing supplier, integrating design, clothing making, development, proofing, etc., with experienced designers and teams, high quality to meet various design needs, providing a variety of work clothing customization, one-stop full Location service. The advantages of Yulong Textile’s customized work clothing are the selection of high-quality fabrics, environmentally friendly fabrics, quality assurance, diverse styles, complete products, flexible and stylish designs, reasonable prices, exquisite workmanship, thoughtful service and high cost performance.

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