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Yulong Hot Sale Flame Retardant Waterproof Fabric

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Flame retardant waterproof fabrics are processed through special processes. This fabric can be compatible with both waterproof and fireproof functions at the same time, breaking through the concept of water and fire incompatibility. These two functions do not affect each other, and can also achieve their own protective effects and standards. Flame retardant fabrics refer to fabrics that can automatically extinguish when they leave an open flame. After water repellent finishing, the fabric has a certain degree of water resistance. Water droplets can beaded and slipped on the fabric. The main functions are moisture absorption and quick drying, breathable moisture permeability, insulation, windproof, and keeping dry. It is a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly fabric.

The flame retardant waterproof fabric produced by the company has good flame retardant performance, soft hand feeling, full color, wear resistance, good strength and other characteristics. It can be waterproof at the same time, and is more suitable for workers in special workplaces to better protect workers. This flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent the spread of flames and maintain the original properties of the fabric. The flame retardant performance of the fabric can meet the American and European standards such as EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, NFPA2112. The protective clothing made of this fire resistant fabric has excellent washing resistance, is non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating, safe and reliable to the human body, breathable and moisture-permeable, and comfortable to wear.

Flame retardant multifunctional fabrics have the advantages of high quality, fine texture, soft luster, high strength, high environmental protection, excellent flame-retardant performance, etc., and have obvious price advantages, and are deeply loved by customers. Various functions can be combined according to customer requirements, such as oilproof waterproof, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-arc, acid and alkali resistant, etc. to meet different operating requirements. Yulong Textile has many years of production experience, has a fabric factory and a garment factory that can provide customers with one-stop service from fabric to clothing. The fabrics produced by the company have clear texture details, tight cloth surface, rich fabric colors, bright and vivid, no pilling, no shrinkage, no fading, good flame retardant quality, and high quality.

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