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Aramid 3A Fabric

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What is aramid 3A fabric? Aramid 3A fabric has a permanent flame retardant effect. High strength and good tear resistance. Anti-static, anti-arc. The Nomex IIIA produced by DuPont is a blend of world-leading permanent flame-retardant fibers composed of Nomex fiber (flame retardant fiber), anti-static fiber, and Kevlar fiber. At present, the domestically produced Nomex fiber is divided into liquid dyed fiber and dyeable fiber that is dyed through printing and dyeing. The comprehensive product index has reached the international advanced level.

What is aramid 3A fabric?

The permanent flame-retardant fabric aramid 3A fabric produced by using long aramid raw materials has permanent flame-retardant properties and does not require chemical treatment. It represents a new flame-retardant concept and marks the beginning of a new era of flame-retardant fabrics. The composition is 93% domestic aramid 1313, 5% domestic aramid 1414, and 2% conductive fiber.

The fabric can be made into a series of protective clothing such as firefighting suits, combat suits, flight suits and furnace work clothes, pressure uniforms, radiation protection suits, chemical protective suits, high-pressure shielding suits, etc., used in aerospace, aviation, military uniforms, fire fighting, petrochemical, electrical , Gas, metallurgy, metal, racing and other special fields.

At present, the aramid 3a flame-retardant anti-static fabric produced by Yulong Textile in Xinxiang City uses domestic fiber stock solution, and its flame-retardant performance can reach international standards. Customers are welcome to purchase from our company.

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