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Static Electricity–The Hidden Killer in Workshop

NEWS 2040

There was a news said fire broke out in a Wenzhou chemical plant, the accident has caused two deaths and direct economic losses of RMB 1 million. According to the investigation, the cause of the fire determines initially as “when unload the chemical Index, static electricity caused the fire”. It happens that there is a similar case, self-service station in Xiqing district, Tianjin, one client was pouring in petrol, static electricity ignited the oil and then caused fire. Fortunately the gas station staff arrived in time and controlled the fire.
We all known that friction will produce static electricity, but you don't know that tens of thousands volts or even hundreds of thousands volts electrostatic only cost rarely energy when producing.Electrostatic generated spark is the direct reason to cause electrostatic fire and explosion. So the static electricity is the hidden killer around us, it lurks in daily life, often trouble us unexpected, and the serious consequence of those troubles are our lives.
The anti-static fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co. Ltd is to weave the advanced conductive fiber in the textile, which can makes the fabric has anti-static function, the anti-static fabric produced by this method has longer anti-static effect, at same time, also can improve the hygroscopicity and breathability of fabric.this series products all can past the anti-static test, reach EN1149-1, EN1149-3 etc.
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