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How to choose flame retardant fabrics for functional protective clothing?

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 The quality of protective clothing depends to a certain extent on the variety and quality of the fabrics used. Therefore, when we choose flame retardant fabrics for protective clothing, we must be scientific and reasonable according to the specific working environment. Fabrics with good flame retardant performance can greatly reduce the incidence of fire. When a fire occurs, the flame retardant performance of textile fabrics plays a key role. The fabric will not burn quickly when it encounters fire, but effectively prevents the spread of flames and delays the spread of fire. The speed and intensity do not form a large area of combustion, prolong people’s escape and reaction time, increase the chance of survival, and thus reduce casualties.

First of all, the function and safety of flame retardant fabrics should be considered. Flame retardant fabrics should have excellent protection standards and protection levels, giving top priority to functionality. Flame retardant fabrics are not impossible to ignite, but can self-extinguish quickly after leaving the flame, no longer burning or smoldering, and the fabric has good washing resistance. Secondly, the flame retardant fabric has good wear resistance and is durable. The clothing is suitable for wear and tear caused by various complex movements of the staff, and can be used repeatedly for a long time. In addition, the comfort of the fabric is also very important, with good air permeability and moisture permeability.

Flame retardant fabrics are widely used in the production of petroleum, chemical, smelting, fire protection, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, mining and other industries. The flame-retardant fabric of protective clothing is made of cotton, CVC, cotton nylon, modacrylic cotton, aramid flame retardant fabrics according to the specific working environment and different requirements. In addition, according to different industries, there are more requirements, such as adding functional fabrics such as oil and water repellent, anti-static , arc proof, anti-acid and alkali.

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