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How to choose a good flame retardant fabric

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What are the flame retardant fabrics? According to the processing method, they can be divided into inherent flame retardant fabrics and finishing flame retardant fabrics. Finishing flame retardant fabrics are produced by coating and additives during dyeing and finishing, and the flame retardant effect will gradually weaken after washing. According to the content of ingredients, it includes aramid, modacrylic cotton, cotton, CVC and cotton nylon flame retardant fabrics.

  The cotton flame retardant fabric is composed of 100% cotton, which has the characteristics of breathable, moisture permeable and soft feeling that cotton fibers have. There are twill, plain, satin and knitted fabrics and other specifications. Flame retardant fabrics can effectively prevent the spread of flames and maintain the original properties of the fabric.

  CN flame retardant fabric, which is made of 88% cotton and 12% nylon fiber blend. It has good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, excellent moisture absorption and breathability and high strength, and at the same time has the characteristics of softness, texture and comfort of pure cotton fabrics. The protective clothing made of this flame retardant fabric not only has excellent flame retardant properties, but also can effectively prevent sparks, electric arcs, metal droplets, etc. from splashing, and has better thermal protection performance.

  CVC flame retardant fabric, the fabric is made of more than 60% cotton fiber and less than 40% polyester fiber. Combining the excellent characteristics of both cotton and polyester fibers, it has the characteristics of good strength, good wear resistance and good wrinkle resistance. The flame retardant protective clothing made of this fabric has excellent washing resistance, is non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating, safe and reliable to the human body, and is breathable and comfortable to wear.

  The modacrylic cotton flame retardant fabrics is flame retardant, and   also called permanent flame retardant fabrics. This kind of flame retardant fabric is soft and elastic, fluffy and has a wooly feel, and has good warmth retention, so it is suitable for winter clothes, spring and autumn work clothes.

  Aramid 3A fabric has the outstanding advantages of permanent flame retardant fabric. No matter how many times it is washed, its flame retardant effect will not decrease. At the same time, it will not cause melting droplets when burned. It has good anti static performance and higher strength, making it an important material for safety clothing. choose. Because of its good price competitiveness, it has been widely used in China and gradually replaced similar imported materials.

  Yulong Textile focus on the development of various flame retardant fabrics. We can customize weaving or spinning according to the needs of customers, and develop fabrics of various specifications, including fluorescent, anti static, anti arc, anti acid and alkali, oil  water proof and other functions protective fabric.

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