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How to match men’s down jacket

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I’m afraid of the cold in autumn and winter, and I’m also afraid of wearing too bulky. Today I’m going to share with you how to wear different styles of down jackets. As long as they are well matched, they are not only fashionable, but also light and comfortable.

Shorts down jackets are relatively less heavy, especially the light and thin ones, which have a certain slimming effect and can appear less bloated, which is more popular among boys. Inner layering skills, knitted sweaters, it is best to choose a color that contrasts with the down jacket, one dark and one lighter can better reflect the image of a trendy man; T-shirt bottoming shirts, you can choose personalized prints, which look more fashionable and casual; you can also consider Hooded sweater, fashionable without losing points, easily breaks the dullness of down jacket. You can choose slim-fit jeans or pencil pants for bottoms, which can visually elongate the proportion of the legs and make the whole person look more slender. This kind of outfit with a wide top and a narrow bottom can create a handsome figure very well, keeping warm and stylish in winter.

Although the mid length down jacket looks thicker, it has better warmth retention effect, has aura and style, and is a must-have warm jacket for men in cold winter. Inner wear skills, mens long down jackets are relatively simple, can be matched with plaid shirts, which can avoid the monotony of matching, if the color of the down jacket is brighter, wear a white shirt inside; business men can also wear a suit jacket inside, open the air field Full, highlighting a capable image. The matching of bottoms is relatively simple, such as jeans and casual pants are more versatile. If the upper body is worn with a suit, casual trousers can also be considered, which is a must for business men in winter.

Down vest, if boys feel that the down jacket looks too bloated, you can consider replacing it with a down vest, which can not only keep warm, but also reduce the visual heaviness. Inner wear skills, with a pullover sweater with a personalized pattern, casual and fashionable style, not only comfortable and versatile, but also has the effect of reducing age; you can also wear a denim shirt with the collar turned up, and instantly become a trendy man; in addition, it can be worn with a sweater It is best to choose the same color system, which can make the overall look more advanced. For bottoms, you can choose sports pants or casual pants, which are in the same color as the upper body and look full of youthful vitality; you can also choose versatile jeans with a slightly slim fit to make the whole person look more slender.

The basic requirement for mens clothing is to keep warm and stylish. Different styles and different items will have different effects. In the cold winter, it will make you fashionable and warm.

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