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What are the common functional fabrics?

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Functional fabric means that in addition to the characteristics of the fabric itself, the fabric can also have the functions of anti-mosquito, anti-wrinkle, no-iron, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying, fluorescent and other functions in addition to its own basic functions. Generally, it is arranged to adapt to some unusual environments. There are many kinds of functional fabrics, various functions and wide characteristics. The following is a brief introduction to several common functional fabrics.

  Flame retardant fabric, after the fabric is treated with certain chemicals, it is not easy to burn in case of fire, or it can be extinguished as soon as it is ignited. This process is called flame retardant finishing. Make fibers less flammable or prevent carbonized fibers from continuing to oxidize. The use of flame retardants makes the fibers durable and flame retardant, and the fabrics are non-toxic, safe and washable.

  Oil- and water-repellent fabric, also known as air-permeable and water-repellent finishing, is a process in which the fabric is treated with chemical reagents to reduce the surface tension of the fiber and form oil-repellent water droplets on the fiber that cannot wet the surface. Relatively speaking, the fabric is easy to handle, cheap and durable. The surface tension of the fabric is lower than that of various oils, so that the oil is beaded on the fabric and is not easy to penetrate into the fabric, and the fabric is treated with water and oil repellent. It still maintains its good breathability.

  Anti-static fabrics are made of yarns mixed with conductive fibers or fabrics woven with conductive filaments to increase the surface hydrophilicity, improve the hygroscopicity of the fiber surface, reduce the static phenomenon of the fabric, and prevent the accumulation of static electricity on the fibers. Mainly used in electronic products, work clothes, dustproof clothes, etc.

  Multiple functional fabrics combine two or more new functions on the same fabric through special raw material ratios and processes. According to the requirements, products with anti static and multiple functions such as moisture absorption and sweat wicking, flame retardant and arc prevention are also required at the same time.

  Functional fabrics refer to changing the properties of the fabrics, adding functionality, and adding various preparations and processes during the production process and post-finishing, so that the fabrics have special effects and super performance, so that they have “special functions”, which is generally For the performance that clothing fabrics do not have or cannot achieve, functional fabrics can solve the functional needs of various scenarios.

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