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The protective effect of flame retardant clothing

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Nowadays, companies are paying more and more attention to the safety of personnel at work, and workers in many industries need to use flame retardant clothing. In a fire environment, the most serious burns often occur on the part of people’s clothes that catch fire. The flame retardant performance of protective clothing is very important, so flame retardant clothing can prevent the flame from spreading when it catches fire, and at the same time, once it leaves the fire source, it can immediately protect itself. Extinguished to minimize the risk of being burned on the job.

Flame retardant clothing means that if the clothing fabric does not burn or continue to burn when it encounters high temperature or flame contact, it can protect the human body. It is one of the most widely used varieties of personal protective equipment. Flame retardant clothing protection The principle is mainly to use shielding functions such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, and carbonization isolation to protect workers from open flames or heat sources.

The clothing designed by Yulong Textile has the advantages of new style, reasonable structure design and convenient wearing. The flame retardant clothing we produce is light in weight, safe and comfortable, moisture-absorbing, breathable, and wear-resistant, among which the flame retardancy, breaking strength, tearing strength, and bending length all meet the standards. In addition, the flame retardant fabric has the characteristics of carbonization in case of fire and self-extinguishing when away from the fire. The fabric feels soft, non-toxic and tasteless, has good strength, is not easy to be damaged, is durable, and has high color fastness, basically maintaining the comfort of the original fabric. and durability etc. At the same time, it should be noted that all accessories of flame retardant clothing, such as sewing threads, zippers, buttons, pocket cloth, etc. The applicability of clothing is very broad. It can effectively prevent flames from harming the human body and provide effective safety protection. It is widely used in fire protection, petroleum, electric power, natural gas, metallurgy, machinery, mining, chemical and other industries.

Yulong Textile, focus on fabrics and clothing. We can meet the customized needs of various customers according to the requirements of the working environment. We can add anti-static, waterproof, anti-arc, fluorescent, anti-acid and alkali and other functions. The company has strong development capabilities, complete equipment, strong technology, a modern production plant and a professional design team, and a one-stop service from fabric manufacturing to clothing pattern design and professional sales.

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