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Classification of Flame Retardant Clothing Fabrics

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 The flame retardant clothing fabric is not a fabric that cannot be ignited. It is treated by a special process to prevent the spread of the flame and automatically extinguish in time. Flame retardant fabrics are mainly used in industrial flame flame retardant protective clothing, such as industry clothing (petroleum, petrochemical, chemical…), rescue clothing, anti-arc clothing, racing clothing and so on.

  According to processing methods, flame retardant fabrics can be divided into intrinsically flame retardant fabrics and post-finishing flame retardant fabrics. Intrinsically flame retardant fabric is also known as permanent flame retardant fabric, no matter how many times washing, its flame retardant effect is not reduced. The fabric is characterized by good heat resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance. It also can be mixed with conductive fiber blending to achieve anti-static performance requirements. Post-finishing flame retardant fabric is produced by coating and auxiliary treatment during dyeing and finishing. The function of this fabric will gradually decrease with the increase of washing times. Post-treatment flame retardant fabric price is cheaper, the essence of flame retardant fabric price is higher.

  The flame retardant fabrics produced by Yulong Textile are characterized by excellent flame function, moisture absorption and soft texture. The fabric has good washing resistance, green safety, non-toxic odor free, being safe and reliable for human body, comfortable to wear. Flame retardant fabrics can be used in a wide range of applications, and other functions such as anti-static, anti-arc, anti-acid and alkali, anti-oil and water-repellent can be added.

  The flame retardant fabric greatly slows down the burning speed. It will extinguish itself immediately after the fire source is removed, and the burning part carbonizes so quickly without melting, dripping or piercing that giving people time to withdraw from the burning site or take off the burning clothes, reducing or avoiding burns and scald. Therefore, they can achieve the purpose of protection. The flame-retardant clothing made of excellent fabric flame retardant protection can make the industrial front-line operators have no fear in the process of operation.They could focus on work and improve safety, preventing various injuries.

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