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Advantages of Aramid IIIA Flame Retardant Coveralls

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As people pay more attention to safety and desire for peace of mind, aramid fabrics and clothing are showing their talents in more fields. Aramid garments help protect those working in harsh environments against a variety of hazards while providing comfort. Protective clothing is one of the products to ensure that the wearer is protected from injury to the maximum extent or to reduce injury in a special environment. Its comprehensive performance is not only directly related to the wearer’s personal safety, but also has a close relationship with their work efficiency.

  Aramid clothing is made of aramid IIIA fabric, meta-aramid 1313/para-aramid 1414/conductive fiber is blended with chemical fiber fabric in the proportion of 93%/5%/2%, with high temperature resistance, tear resistance and wear resistance. The characteristics of chemical corrosion, excellent high temperature resistance and fire resistance, high strength and strong plasticity provide a material guarantee for the development of protective clothing, and are widely used in special protective clothing in various fields.

  Aramid clothing fabrics play an extremely important role in improving the comprehensive protective performance of protective clothing. First of all, the clothing aramid IIIA fabric has a permanent flame-retardant effect, and will not melt, burn and drop. When the flame is high temperature, the fabric rapidly expands and thickens, forming a unique thermal insulation barrier. And the aramid fabric of the clothing is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, long service life, antistatic and arc proof. The jumpsuit made of aramid fabric has bright and stable color, high color fastness, no fading due to washing, friction and other conditions, stable size, no deformation after washing, good air permeability, light weight and good comfort. Comply with GB8965, EN11612, NFPA2112, EN1149 and other standards.

  Flame retardant clothing can slow down the spread of flame when it comes into direct contact with flames and hot objects, and carbonization forms an isolation layer to protect human safety. The characteristics of the aramid IIIA flame retardant one-piece clothing produced by Yulong Textile is that it has excellent flame retardant and anti-static properties, the color and size can be customized, and the style is characterized by a one-piece design; The chest pocket is closed with a zipper, the pocket has a large capacity, and is equipped with a reflective tape with a high safety factor to improve visibility and safety. In addition, the protective clothing can be treated with moisture-wicking and sweat-wicking to increase comfort. Aramid coveralls are widely used in petroleum, natural gas, refinery, machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, emergency rescue and other fields.

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