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Congratulate Yulong company passed UL certification

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Congratulate Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO.,Ltd getting UL certification

Consumers or buyer all give preference to the products with UL certification mark,when they choose imported products in the USA. UL certification has more than one hundred years history,the safe image has deep rooted in the minds of consumers and the government,all federal,state,county and city government more than forty thousand administrative regions across the USA,they recognize UL certification mark.Therefore UL certification is the identity card of exporting to American,we can more successfully export our products to American with UL certification.

The tracking system of UL certification  is fairly strict,it can be obtained through multiple process include product inspection,field test,factory check etc,so only a few of manufacturers can really do this and obtain UL certification

Xinxiang Yulong Textile CO.,Ltd has passed UL certification,depending on the advanced production equipment, well production environment and high quality products.We provide customer with professional and best service all the time.

It is Yulong members’ promise that  Creating value for customer and providing high quality in the required time

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