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Brief Introduction of Flame Retardant Waterproof Fabric

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The flame retardant and waterproof fabric breaks through the concept of water and fire incompatibility. After special processing, the two functions of waterproof and fireproof are compatible at the same time. Anti-metal droplets and other features are more suitable for operators in special workplaces to wear, and provide better safety protection for operators.

  The flame retardant and waterproof fabric has been finished by special production technology, so it has durable flame retardant performance, good washing resistance, non-toxic and odorless, safe and reliable for the human body. This kind of fabric can not only effectively prevent the spread of flames, but also Maintain the original properties of the fabric.

  Even if the flame retardant fabric is ignited by an open flame, it can automatically extinguish within a few seconds of leaving the open flame. Flame retardant does not mean that it will not burn when it comes into contact with the fire source, but refers to the fact that the flame retardant fabric reduces its flammability in the flame, slows down the speed of spread, does not form a large area of ​​combustion, and can quickly self-extinguish away from the flame. Burning or smoldering.

  The flame-retardant fabric is treated with a water repellent, and the waterproof performance is also very good. The water droplets will slide down with the trend. The surface of the water spray needs to be gently wiped off the surface water droplets, so that it will not penetrate into the interior of the fabric. Waterproof fabrics have sliding properties, heat resistance, non-stick properties, moisture resistance, etc. The main functions of waterproof and breathable fabrics are moisture permeability, breathability, insulation, windproof and warmth.

  The flame retardant and waterproof fabric produced by Yulong Textile has the characteristics of excellent flame retardant fabric performance, moisture absorption and quick drying, not easy to break, durable, high color fastness, soft luster, low formaldehyde content, and also retains the antistatic ecology of cotton fiber. Environmentally friendly features. The clothing made of flame retardant and waterproof fabric is comfortable to wear and has no irritation to the skin. It is an important choice for protective clothing. The application industry is especially in petroleum, chemical industry, gas station, metallurgy, oil field, electric welding, mining, coal mine, electric power, fire protection In other fields, flame retardant and waterproof fabrics can also be made into jackets, shirts, trousers, jumpsuits, etc., suitable for all seasons.

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