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Discuss the significant meaning of FR fabric regarding to Tianjin Explosion

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On 12th Aug.2015,22:50, Tianjin fire protection central troops get the call, Tianjin Binhai New area port administration affairs group Ruihai Logistics hazardous chemical substance stow causes fire disaster, Tianjin fire protection central troops dispatched 9 middle troops and 3 sole duty troops from port administration port to save the fire on the incident site. About 23:30, the incident site come up explosion. End up to 19th Aug., the explosion victim is up to 114.

If the fireproof facility is completed on the explosion site of inside the warehouse, and the stock clerk has already prepared the fireproof work, then will the injury and deaths number will be more lower ? Each times fire disaster tells us it ‘s important for prepare FR work and install high quality FR product, but people always ignore this. They always regret from getting through the painful disaster.

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