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Xinxiang Yulong Safety week

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on the Monday morning, working with cold and dry winter wind, there is the busy scene attracted us before went to plant. “What are you guys doing in the morning?” I’m still a dizzy mind, Wong from printing sample shop came to me “ why you staying in , this week is our safety week. Rush to prepare in the office, and later the safety group will come to each department for inspection.”

Speak to “safety week”, this is our Xinxiang yulong company’s special tradition, each last week of month is our safety inspection week. Maybe everybody cannot know exactly why we are getting so nervous on safety week.

As the manufacturer of working on textile, our plant stored many raw material/ on going half produced material and under delivery product, our production plant placed many advanced production machine. As we both know, textile product is easy flaming. Therefore, it’s essential that one build impeccable factory should have security system.

We have placed full set fire protection instrument and safety warning on each production part, on work shop it has safe escape drawing on the markedness position. Then somebody will ask,” since you have so impeccable instrument, why take so much great pains to make the safety week?” stict at work is our yulong textile’s working attitude, so it’s necessary that we have the safe group. Big to production equipment / fire protection instrument, small to air conduit and cable line, they didn’t let any corner slip, inspect every easy-ignored place, lower every potential safety hazard.

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