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Development of Flame retardant Cotton Fabric

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Flame retardant finish of cotton fabric has developed rapidly,the current domestic mature, flame retardant can be self-sufficient, flame retardant can be industrialized production.The durability flame retardant finishing of pure cotton flame retardant finishing generally has the following three ways:

A. Proban/ammonia fuming process, Proban method is first used in industrial production Wilson, a British company, the traditional method of Proban is flame retardant THPC (tetrakis hydroxymethyl Fang chloride) Padding after baking process, improved methods are Proban/ammonia fuming process,technological process is: Pad flame retardant finishing → drying → oxidation of ammonia →Oxidative→  washing → drying. Domestic include Beijing guanghua,Jiangyin and dyeing factory, Anshan cotton textile printing and dyeing factories etc. such as the introduction of foreign auxiliaries and equipments for production.It is now acknowledged that strong fire-retardant effect and drop small feel impact technology. But because of equipment problems which limit its extension.

B.Pyrovatex CP finishing process.Domestic existing Shanghai pesticide factory, changzhou chemical industry research institute, tianjin, east China university of science and technology, Qingdao by the us material textile institute the fertilizer production.The flame resistance of the product is good, good durability, resistant to household cleaning above 50 or even 200 times, feel is good, but strong decrease slightly.

C.Temporary,semi-durable flame retardant finish – electric blanket, wall cloth, sofa cloth fabric etc. the number washes of flame retardant requirements are not very high,This type of product can be temporary or semi-durable flame retardant finish. 1-15 gentle wash, but not SOAP. Mainly include borax boric acid process, diammonium phosphate, phosphoramide process, dicyandiamide, etc.The above technology applied on pure cotton fabric industrial production.s not much. Qingdao University College of textile and garment SFR-203 is a semi-durable flame-retardant finishing agent.

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