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Characteristics of Aramid Flame Retardant Fabrics

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 Aramid flame retardant fabrics do not burn, drip, or emit smoke when exposed to fire, and have excellent flame-retardant and fire-resistant effects. Aramid fabrics are added with conductive fibers, which can avoid electric arcs, static electricity and other hazards, and can be used to make special industry clothing. No matter how many times the fabric is washed, it will not decrease with time and the number of times of washing, and it has good structural stability.

  The characteristics of aramid flame retardant fabrics are firstly high strength performance, good mechanical properties, soft hand feeling, high color fastness, light weight and good spinnability. Secondly, its high wear resistance and high tear resistance are excellent. The low shrinkage, friction resistance and long service life of the fabric meet the requirements of protective clothing in different fields. The excellent flame retardant and heat resistance properties make it not continue to burn when it leaves the flame, the size is stable, and it will not fade and deform due to washing, friction and other conditions. At the same time, it also has good thermal stability. It will not melt, burn or drip under high temperature conditions. It is non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and safe. When the fabric is burned by high temperature, the fabric will rapidly expand and thicken, forming a unique heat insulation barrier, enhancing the sealing performance, and not breaking.

  Aramid fabric combines the advantages of ordinary flame-retardant fabrics, and durability and washability are very important advantages. Aramid flame retardant fabrics offer permanent heat protection, flame resistance and corrosion resistance. The fabric will not damage its excellent performance due to long-term use, and the strength will drop little. In addition, it also has excellent anti-static properties. At the same time, the fabric has the effect of breathability, moisture permeability and heat preservation. We can customize the design according to customer requirements, and make protective clothing with various functions such as arc protection, oil and water repellency, etc., to improve protection performance and comfort, and are more suitable for industrial fire protection.

  Yulong Textile produces flame retardant and other special protective fabrics and clothing, and has 20 years of sales and export experience. Our company has advanced production technology, complete production equipment, professional personnel, and an excellent team to serve you better.

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