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How to choose custom workwear

Workwear are clothes specially made for work needs. Workwear are not only a representative element of a person’s professional attributes, but also an external embodiment of corporate culture and image. When designing and customizing corporate workwear, we must consider the needs of the profession, corporate culture, and fit. There are some problems in custom workwear, and there are some demand characteristics for styles, fabrics, craftsmanship, and construction periods.

When you customize workwear, the first thing you need to do is to choose the fabric and style. For example, our common custom workwear fabrics are pure cotton, cotton polyester, cotton nylon, aramid, etc., so the first step in custom workwear is choose the appropriate fabric in combination with the usage situation, working environment, etc. Yulong Textile uses high quality fabrics, with neat surface, smooth touch, no pilling, no wrinkle, comfortable to wear, and more business sense. In addition, there are many styles to choose. For example, T-shirts are popular in summer, padded clothes are popular in winter, and jackets and shirts suits are suitable for spring and autumn. Custom workwear and size and quantity printing are determined by the process, which can be determined according to actual needs.

Custom workwear should consider the practicability of the clothes, which is conducive to strengthening professionalism, enhancing work responsibility and collective sense. It is also necessary to adapt to different working environments, emphasizing functional requirements and constraints. In order to meet the nature of industrial work, comprehensively consider the performance, texture, processing, etc. of materials; the design of styles and pockets should be based on the characteristics of the work, with reasonable structure, appropriate color, durable and comfortable. For example, accessories such as buttons and zippers must be included in the specific working environment constraints; in terms of production and processing, it is required to cut accurately, to sew firmly, to have complete specifications and models, to match details reasonably, to shape flat, and to have exquisite packaging.

The economy and durability of custom workwear is another aspect of practicality. High cost performance is the characteristic of most custom workwear. On the premise of ensuring the quality requirements, the price should be as reasonable as possible. Yulong Textile specializes in providing you with garment processing and customization services. It has an experienced team and high quality to meet various design needs. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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