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Application prospect of multifunctional flame retardant fabric

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Different types of environmental protection require fabrics with different functions for protection. Multi functional flame retardant fabrics are more and more widely used. While flame retardant fabrics can be used, they are also resistant to oil and water, acid and alkali, and mosquitoes. Anti-static, anti arc and other functions are combined and superimposed protective fabrics. The protective effects and indicators of the multi-functional fabric can meet the international safety protection standards, and the functions do not affect each other, which is convenient to meet the different operation requirements of different industries.

Flame retardant fabric refers to a special fabric that can delay the flame burning even if it is ignited by an open flame, and it can automatically extinguish after leaving the open flame. The fabric has multiple functions, such as preventing the spread of fire, not continuing to burn, not smoldering, excellent flame retardant effect, durable, easy to care, breathable and moisture permeable, soft to the touch, high strength, washable and wear-resistant, easy to wear Comfortable and other features, it can be widely used in the field of safety protection of various complex types of work.

In addition, the multi functional flame retardant fabric can also add anti-ultraviolet, anti mosquito, reflective and other effects, which can be applied to warning materials, which not only increases the safety factor, but also makes the clothing more trendy. Flame retardant fabrics are mainly used in protective clothing, and are widely used in various complex environments such as petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, coal mines, smelting, transportation, fire protection, electricity, field operations, outdoor sports, etc. Protection plays an important role.

As a professional supplier of functional fabrics, Yulong Textile has been committed to the production and sales of flame-retardant fabrics and special protective fabrics. It has mature technology and complete equipment, and its products are diversified. The company can customize the specifications and colors of multi functional flame retardant fabrics according to customer requirements. The product quality is green, safe, environmentally friendly, and the product quality is stable. It is favored by domestic and foreign customers and provides high quality services for customers.

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