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What are the advantages and characteristics of aramid IIIA fabrics?

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Aramid IIIA fabric is a kind of fabric with its own flame retardant effect, which has a permanent flame retardant effect. Aarmid IIIA fabric is composed of 93% meta-aramid (1313) + 5% para-aramid (1414) + 2% anti-static conductive fiber. As a functional safety protection fabric, aramid IIIA fabric has the characteristics of high strength, wear resistance, excellent high temperature resistance, heat resistance and flame retardant.

  The aramid fabric produced by Yulong Textile has the characteristics of non-combustibility, insulation, excellent chemical stability, excellent mechanical properties, and long-lasting thermal stability. The fabric is soft, non-toxic and tasteless, with good breathable, low formaldehyde content, full color and high color fastness. The protective clothing made of aramid IIIA fabric does not burn, melt, shrink, or emit smoke in case of fire. Especially in the event of sudden high temperature, the cloth surface will rapidly carbonize and thicken, forming a unique thermal insulation barrier to protect the wearer. . We can customize aramid IIIA fabric specifications such as color and weight according to customer needs for processing and production, and can also be combined with various functions such as moisture absorption, oil resistance and water resistance to improve protection performance and comfort.

  Aramid IIIA flame retardant fabric combines the advantages of ordinary flame retardant fabrics, has extremely good flame retardant properties, does not spontaneously ignite nor supports combustion, has self-extinguishing properties, and is a veritable fireproof fabric. In addition, the fabric has excellent anti-static performance, anti-arc, chemical resistance, thermal protection and other functions, which can better enhance its protective performance. At present, the comprehensive index of localized aramid IIIA fabric products has reached the international advanced level, and the cost performance is more suitable than that of foreign brands.

  The aramid fabrics produced by our company have been certified by environmental protection standards. The products are widely used in aviation, petroleum, chemical, fire protection, electrical, gas, metallurgy and other fields. Our advanced production technology, perfect production equipment, professional R&D team and experienced sales team provide better service for new and old customers, insist on winning by quality, sincere cooperation and common development.

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