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Factors Affecting Custom Flame Retardant Workwear

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  Work clothes have always played an important role in shaping the corporate image, enhancing the corporate connotation, enriching the corporate culture, and protecting the safety of workers. Custom flame retardant workwear can be said to be a product that is closely combined with design and labor protection functions. From style design to color matching, from logo to craftsmanship, it reflects the importance of clothing design in tooling. Uniform cutting and full-process sewing are the guarantee The overall uniformity and quality safety of work clothes.

  First of all, the fabric of work clothes is an important factor. Flame retardant fabrics are generally divided into two categories. One is that the fabric has a flame retardant function after processing, such as cotton, polyester cotton, and cotton nylon, which are relatively cheap; the other is that the fabric itself has a flame retardant effect. Such as aramid, modacrylic cotton, etc. are relatively expensive.

  The second is the style design of flame retardant workwear, the requirements for accessories, etc. The style of work clothes determines the technical requirements and process of clothing. The more complicated the style, the longer the production cycle, and of course the price will increase accordingly. Also includes printing, pattern. accessories etc. At the same time, it should be noted that in the process of customizing flame retardant clothing, all accessories such as sewing threads, zippers, buttons, etc. must be made of flame-retardant materials. If you choose ordinary zippers, buttons, etc. are relatively cheap, and you can choose flexibly according to actual needs.

  In addition, the function of flame retardant workwear also needs to be selected according to the nature of the environment. Different industries have more requirements to add oil and water repellent, anti static, anti arc, fluorescent, acid and alkali resistant, etc. Only in this way can employees wear work clothes that are really suitable for them, and they can wear them comfortably and at ease. The most intuitive thing is the quality and price of the products.

  Elegant style, fine workmanship, and perfect details are indispensable components of a set of high quality work clothes. The high quality and cost-effective flame retardant workwear emphasize practicality and are easy to work. comfort, safety and peace of mind.

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