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Xinxiang Yulong The Green Supplier Start From Me

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Energy conservation and consumption reduction always be the focus issue which concerned by society, to us an one-stop manufacture supplier, energy conservation is a key work which always operating in our workshop.

While walking into our workshop, you can see a “Energy saving and consumption reducing starting form myself”poster on the wall, these slogans reminding us implementing energy conservation and consumption reduction to our minds at all times.

The main point of energy conservation and consumption reduction is conservation and reduction, the value point is energy. The realize of energy saving is not just about shutting the machine down or turning the equipment off, or about propaganda on face. What all we need to do is to solve these hidden troubles fundamentally, so revolution of equipment is very necessary. Our technicists clearly know about this point, thus they improving our producing equipment energy conservation, update or change some outdated equipment, is what we need to do first. Then, technicists at production line are not just thinking about issues like“How to make our production meet clients’ requirement better”,”How to producing the product meet the standard perfectly”, they also bring issues like “Use all raw materials well on the premise of keeping our production quality”.

Xinxiang Yulong Textile always bring the “Producing green product in low carbon”as a declaration of our production, We will make the low carbon producing to every production line and every post of our workshop.

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