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Flame retardant fabrics come in a wide variety of compositions and configurations. In fact, flame retardant fabrics do not fail to catch fire, but they will go out immediately after leaving the flame, which can slow down the spread of fire and reduce the emission of toxic fumes. Aviation, shipping and other industries.

  Compared with the shrinkage rate and color fastness test of ordinary fabrics, the test requirements of flame retardant fabrics are more complicated. The key indicators of flame retardant fabrics are: burning speed, time away from fire (how long it takes to extinguish after leaving the fire, it is called after-burning time in China) , smoldering time. Judging the flame retardant properties of flame retardant fabrics is usually judged from the burning rate of the fabric. That is, the flame-retardant finishing fabric is in contact with the flame for a certain time according to the specified method, and then the flame is removed, and the time for the fabric to continue to burn with flames and flameless combustion is determined, as well as the degree of damage to the fabric. The shorter the flame burning time and the flameless burning time, the lower the degree of damage, which means that the flame retardant performance of the fabric is better; otherwise, the flame retardant performance of the fabric is poor.

  Flame retardant fabrics are divided into two categories: intrinsic flame retardant fabrics and finishing flame retardant fabrics. Permanent flame retardant fabrics are mainly made of aramid and acrylic cotton, which have permanent flame retardant effect, high temperature resistance, no melting, no burning, and no dripping. Aramid flame retardant fabric has the advantages of antistatic effect, stable color fastness, washing resistance, stable size, no deformation after washing, good air permeability, light weight and good comfort.

  The post-finished flame retardant fabrics produced by Yulong Textile can be non-combustible in case of fire, self-extinguishing when away from fire, and no melting droplets. On the basis of dyed fabrics, we have undergone flame retardant treatment by prune process or CP process, which can effectively prevent the spread of flames and maintain the originality of the fabric.

As a flame retardant fabric manufacturer, Yulong Textile has advanced equipment and a professional testing room to detect the flame retardant properties of flame retardant fabrics, so as to accurately grasp the performance of the products, and better produce qualified and high-quality flame retardant fabrics. The factory has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification, and the products have passed various environmental protection tests such as OEKO-TEX STANDARD. The annual supply of fabrics is 5 million meters. Buyers of flame retardant fabrics must choose professional manufacturers, and manufacturers with professional flame retardant testing rooms should be given priority.

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