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Teflon three defense one-piece suit

2021-10-29 15:08 | writer: admin

     Waterproof and moisture permeable coated fabric, also known as waterproof and breathable fabric abroad. The fabric can not only prevent rain and wind, but also evaporate and discharge the sweat generated by the human body, so as to avoid the formation of a high humidity space in the clothes and the feeling of stuffy heat in summer, but also avoid the condensation of water vapor and freezing in winter, so as to keep the wearer dry and warm.
      The development and application of breathable coated fabrics, as high-tech and high value-added products abroad, have entered the stage of mass commercial production on the basis of a large number of research. The demand of domestic and foreign markets, especially developed countries, is increasing year by year. According to European market survey statistics, the market sales volume in 1986 was 7.35 million square meters, and by 1996, the sales volume had reached 67 million square meters, an increase of more than nine times in ten years. The domestic market has also started in recent years.
      UV resistant fabric is also one of the hot topics in research and development in recent years. Especially in recent years, the appearance of the hole in the ozone layer at the two poles of the earth has increased the proportion of ultraviolet rays reaching the ground. It is reported that in the early 1990s, the amount of the above-mentioned short band ultraviolet rays that irradiated the earth has increased by 1.5 times compared with the early 1980s. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light will cause human pigment deposition, aging and drying of skin, increase wrinkles, produce brown spots, and even damage deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the nucleus, affect and lose the repair function, resulting in skin carcinogenesis. The development of a multifunctional and high-tech coated fabric with the combination of waterproof and moisture permeability function and anti ultraviolet function is not only in line with the new development trend of fabric coating, but also in line with the direction of market demand at home and abroad, and has broad prospects of economic and social benefits.
Yulong professional services:
Xinxiang Yulong textile focuses on functional fabrics and functional clothing such as flame retardant fabrics, arc proof fabrics, fluorescent fabrics, anti-static fabrics, Teflon three prevention fabrics and flame retardant aramid. Our protective clothing factory covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. It has full-automatic cutting machine, automatic cloth drawing machine, chain three needle pattern machine, automatic nailing machine, five thread machine Embedded clamp machine and other advanced production equipment. The garment factory strictly implements the 6S management method and has been certified by authoritative institutions to achieve multiple certifications such as SEI.
Yulong people take "building a century old safety protection enterprise" as the company goal and "your safety, our responsibility" as the core concept. The products sell well in Europe and America for many years, and the quality is trustworthy!. 

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