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Polyester cotton flame retardant fabric

2021-10-23 17:47 | writer: admin

Polyester cotton: refers to the general name of polyester and cotton blended fabric, which adopts 65% & mdash; 67% polyester and 33% & mdash; Textiles made of 35% cotton blended yarn, commonly known as polyester cotton.
Characteristics of polyester cotton: it not only highlights the style of polyester, but also has the advantages of cotton fabric. It has good elasticity and wear resistance in dry and wet conditions, stable size, small shrinkage, tall and straight, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash and fast dry. It can not be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water.
Disadvantages of polyester cotton: polyester fiber in polyester cotton belongs to hydrophobic fiber, which has strong affinity for oil stain and is easy to adsorb oil stain. In addition, it is easy to generate static electricity and adsorb dust during wearing, which is difficult to wash, and can not be ironed at high temperature and soaked in boiling water. Polyester cotton is a synthetic fiber and cannot be degraded.
Classification of polyester cotton: customers who often buy Shirts know that the fabric of many shirts is marked with polyester cotton or cotton polyester. Polyester cotton and cotton polyester; The order of the two words is changed into two different fabrics.
polyester cotton; Fabric refers to the composition of polyester accounts for more than 60% and that of cotton is less than 40%;Cotton polyester; On the contrary, it means that the composition of cotton is more than 60% and that of polyester is less than 40%.
Yulong professional services:
Xinxiang Yulong textile focuses on functional fabrics and functional clothing such as flame retardant fabrics, arc proof fabrics, fluorescent fabrics, anti-static fabrics, Teflon three prevention fabrics and flame retardant aramid. Our protective clothing factory covers an area of nearly 20000 square meters and has more than 200 employees. It has full-automatic cutting machine, automatic cloth drawing machine, chain three needle pattern machine, automatic nailing machine, five thread machine Embedded clamp machine and other advanced production equipment. The garment factory strictly implements the 6S management method and has been certified by authoritative institutions to achieve multiple certifications such as SEI.
Yulong people take "building a century old safety protection enterprise" as the company goal and "your safety, our responsibility" as the core concept. The products sell well in Europe and America for many years, and the quality is trustworthy!. Quality service hotline: 0373-3037877

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