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Inherently flame retardant Kevlar fiber

2021-10-19 15:12 | writer: admin

Kevlar high density low elongation bulletproof fiber (scientific name: para aromatic polyamide fiber, known as aramid 1414 fiber in China); Kevlar fiber features:
1. Kevlar has very good thermal stability, fire resistance, chemical resistance, insulation, high strength and modulus. Compared with other fibers, Kevlar fiber has 2 to 11 times the strength of asbestos, 1.6 times the strength of high-strength graphite, 3 times the strength of glass fiber and 5 times the strength of steel fiber under the same weight. The density of Kevlar is very low, almost half that of asbestos;
2. Thermal stability: Kevlar TGA is very stable, and there is no obvious weight loss until 600;
3. Kevlar test pieces with low corrosivity and high content show lower corrosivity than semi-metallic pieces;
4. Wear resistance, compared with asbestos fiber, Kevlar fiber can show very low wear resistance in good condition. Therefore, flame retardant work clothes made of the above fabrics are widely used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, electric power and other industries, especially favored by the labor protection departments of foreign-funded enterprises.

Yulong professional services:
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Yulong people take "building a century old safety protection enterprise" as the company goal and "your safety, our responsibility" as the core concept. The products sell well in Europe and America for many years, and the quality is trustworthy!. Quality service hotline: 0373-3037877, or email to inquiry@fireproofworkwear.com

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