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Problems and misunderstandings in the use of fluorescent fabrics

2021-09-25 15:36 | writer: admin

Color disadvantages:
1. Fluorescent cloth has poor light fastness.
2. Fluorescent coating has poor color fastness to rubbing and severe color fading after washing.
3. The fluorescent color of cotton, hemp, wool and silk fabrics has some problems, such as difficult to make accurate color, dim color and low reflectivity of fluorescence.
Production problems:
1. The commonly used dye packaging in the industry is generally 25kg. Many factories do not have fluorescent dyes. In case of multi-color ratio, the quantity is small and cannot be produced.
2. Many natural materials lack experience in making fluorescent cloth, resulting in many problems of color fastness and color light.
3. Some factories add fluorescent brightener on the basis of ordinary dyes to fake fluorescent dyes for dyeing
Chemical hazards of fluorescent cloth
The main component of fluorescene is two styrene derivatives, for example, some lipstick and detergent contain fluorescing agent.
Harm of fluorescent agent to human body:
Fluorescent agents are not as easy to decompose as ordinary chemical components, but accumulate in the human body, produce many harmful effects, and greatly reduce the immunity of the human body; When the fluorescent agent combines with the protein outside the wound, it will hinder the wound healing; Fluorescent agents can make human somatic cells have the tendency of variability, and their toxicity accumulates in the liver or other important organs, which will become a potential carcinogenic factor. Cause damage to the blood system.

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