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Technical requirements and application of arc-proof clothing

2021-08-20 09:34 | writer: admin

The harm of the electric arc to the human body: The burn of the electric arc explosion is the more serious injury of the electric arc injury. It mainly comes from the heat radiation and splashing molten metal emitted by the arc explosion. Arc explosion will cause continuous burns or dripping of clothing after being ignited, resulting in severe burns. Arc-proof clothing has the functions of flame retardant, heat insulation and antistatic, and will not fail or deteriorate due to washing. Once the arc-proof clothing comes into contact with arc flames or hot heat, the high-strength and low-strength bulletproof fibers inside will automatically expand rapidly, making the fabric thicker and denser, forming a protective barrier to the human body.
Technical requirements for arc-proof clothing
1. Arc-proof clothing is a kind of protective clothing used to protect the torso, arms and legs of persons who may be exposed to electric arcs and related high temperature hazards.
2. The arc-proof clothing can be designed in one-piece or split-piece design.
3. The textile materials used in the arc-proof clothing should meet the requirements of GB 18401-2003 to ensure that the health and safety of the human body can be protected during long-term wear and use.
4. The arc-proof clothing should take into consideration the comfort, and adopt a loose design on the premise of ensuring the protection to increase the protection performance.
5. Metal parts are strictly prohibited for arc-proof clothing.
6. The arc-proof clothing should cover the exposed part of the body as much as possible. The covering part between the top and bottom of the split design should be no less than 150mm.
7. The arc-proof clothing should be marked with the lower value of the fabric ATPV and EBT on the prominent part.

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