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Introduction to the requirements of high, middle and low flame retardant tooling

2021-08-14 16:11 | writer: admin

      Flame-retardant tooling (including welding tooling, fire fighting clothing, etc.) refers to protective clothing that can effectively prevent itself from being ignited, flaming, or smoldering after being exposed to open flames or heat sources.
      Flame-retardant tooling is suitable for working in places with open flames, sparks, molten metals, and places with flammable substances and fire hazards. It is widely used in oil fields, petrochemical industry, gas stations, chemical industry, fire protection and other places where there are many special protection requirements for clothing. Flame-retardant overalls should comply with GB8965.1-2009 "Fire-retardant protection of protective clothing Part 1: Flame-retardant clothing", GA10-2002 "Firefighter's protective clothing for firefighters", GA634-2006 "Firefighter's insulation protective clothing", LFY- 607A thermal protection performance tester and other standards.
       Flame-retardant protective clothing tooling can be divided into pure cotton flame-retardant protective clothing, synthetic fiber flame-retardant protective clothing, high-temperature flame-retardant protective clothing, flame-retardant aluminum film cotton protective clothing, and thermal insulation protective clothing according to the selected cloth. Specific working environment and different requirements of different guests to choose and equip:
1. Pu Neng requires selection: cotton flame-retardant cloth, CVC flame-retardant cloth;
2. Selection of mid-range requirements: C/N cotton-nylon cloth, acrylic and cotton flame-retardant cloth;
Three, high-end flame-retardant clothing requirements: aramid flame-retardant cloth, aramid 3A flame-retardant cloth;
4. Different industries have more requirements: flame-retardant, oil-proof, waterproof, flame-retardant fabric, flame-retardant, anti-static, flame-retardant fabric, flame-retardant, arc-proof, flame-retardant fabric, etc.
       The flame-retardant work clothes made of the above-mentioned cloth and meet the standards can protect the workers from evacuation from the burning scene or take off the burning clothes on the body in the first time, reduce or avoid burns and scalds, and achieve the purpose of protection. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has spent 19 years. We specialize in the production of various flame-retardant fabrics and flame-retardant tooling. The products meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, and their flame retardancy can reach EN11611, EN11612, NFPA2112 and other standards. If necessary, please contact us in time. 

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