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Global testing standard for flame retardant fabrics

2021-08-06 10:23 | writer: admin

A. British fabric flame retardant standard:
1. Bs7177 (bs5807) is applicable to furniture, mattresses and other fabrics in British public places. Special requirements for fire performance and strict test methods. The fire is divided into eight fire sources of grade 0 ~ 7, with four fire ratings of low, medium, high and extremely high hazards.
2. Bs7175 is applicable to the fire protection standards of hotels, entertainment places and other crowded places. The test requires two or more test kindles of Schedule 4 Part 1 and schedule 5 Part 1.
3. Bs7176 is applicable to furniture covering fabric, which is required to be fireproof and washable. During the test, the fabric and filler are required to meet schedule 4 Part 1, schedule 5 Part 1, smoke density, toxicity and other test indicators at the same time. It is a more stringent fire protection standard for padded seats than bs7175 (BS5852).
4. Bs5452 is applicable to bed sheets and pillow textiles in British public places and all imported furniture. It is required to be able to effectively prevent fire after 50 times of water washing or dry cleaning.
5. Bs5438 series: British bs5722 children's pajamas; British bs5815.3 bedding; British bs6249.1b curtain.
B. American fabric flame retardant standard:
1. Ca-117 (TB117) is a widely used one-time fire protection standard in the United States. It does not require post water test and is applicable to most textiles exported to the United States.
2. Cs-191 is a general fire protection standard for protective clothing in the United States, emphasizing long-term fire protection performance and wearing comfort. The processing technology is usually two-step synthesis or multi-step synthesis, which has high technical content and profit added value.
3. Nfpa-701 and 703 are fire protection standards published by the American Fire Protection Association, which are applicable to curtains and other hanging fabrics that do not require water resistance in public places. The physical and chemical indexes such as adsorption dry weight and hand feel are required at the same time.
4. The full name of TB-603 (16cfr1633) is bhfti ctb-603, which has been implemented in the United States since January 1, 2005. It is mainly used for mattresses, mattresses and other bedding supplies. The test method is: use the large chamber combustion method to test the heat release value of a complete mattress (mattress).
5. Nfpa261.94 is applicable to strong objects covered by furniture, including sofa, etc.
6. Far25-83 fire protection standard required for aircraft interior decorative fabrics.
C. German fabric flame retardant standard:
1. Din-4102 (din66084) decorative fabric fireproof label;
2. Din23320 and din54336-80 (din66083) fire protection standards for protective clothing;
D. Flame retardant standard for Japanese fabrics:
1. Jisl1008-69 fire protection standard for aircraft decorative fabrics;
2. Jisl1091 standard for protective clothing;
3. Jis1201 = fmvss302 fire protection standard for automotive decorative fabrics;
E. Flame retardant standard for French fabrics:
1. Nfg07-184 protective clothing fabric;
2. Nfg92-501-505 fire protection standard for decorative fabrics;
F. EU EN-71 fire protection standard for toy cloth.

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