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Flame retardant fabric - introduction of special protective fabric

2021-07-26 17:35 | writer: admin

1、 Flame retardant fabric:
"Praban is a flame retardant for durability finishing of cotton fibers. The flame retardant finishing technology of "prurb" in Britain is an advanced flame retardant technology in the world. The fabric treated with prub can not only prevent the flame spreading effectively, but also protect the original properties of the fabric. The protective clothing made of this fabric has good washing property, no odor, safe and comfortable to wear, and can be widely used in metallurgy, fire protection, machinery, forestry, shipbuilding, electrical welding and other industries to make protective clothing.
2、 Antistatic fabric:
Anti static work clothes are necessary protective clothing for inflammable and explosive places. Antistatic fabric is made of antistatic fiber blend. Its electrical conductivity can meet the requirements of Japanese "Electrostatic Safety Guide", which has strong durability and can be widely used for staff in flammable and explosive gas, dust, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and electronic industries.
3、 Acid and alkali resistant fabric:
The protective clothing made of this fabric is suitable for operators who have long contact with acid and alkali solution. It has good acid resistance and high acid resistance and low acid resistance. It has good protection function for employees and is widely used in chemical industry.
4、 Oil resistant and water repellent fabric:
The work clothes made of this fabric are suitable for the staff who often contact with oil and water medium. It has the advantages of oil-free, impermeable, air permeability and good moisture permeability. It is widely used in oil industry, machinery manufacturing, maintenance, sanitation system, food processing and other industries.
5、 Easy to decontaminate fabric:
The main feature of the fabric is to prevent the material from being contaminated by oil in the process of use. Once contaminated, it is easy to decontaminate under normal conditions and easy to wash. Therefore, the fabric which is easy to decontaminate is very suitable for making the work clothes which frequently contact with mineral oil and animal and vegetable oil working environment.
6、 UV resistant fabric:
Adapt to the industry: construction workers, all outdoor operators.
Ultraviolet rays in the solar spectrum not only make the textiles fade and embrittlement, but also make the skin burn aging, produce melanin and color spots, and even more serious will induce cancer, which will harm human health. The harm of ultraviolet radiation to human body has attracted more and more attention from all over the world. Australia and other countries clearly require students' clothing to have sunscreen function. China has also formulated the anti ultraviolet standard of textiles. The principle of UV protection is that it absorbs high energy ultraviolet rays, and transforms it into low energy by jumping molecular energy levels, and becomes low energy heat energy or short wavelength electromagnetic wave, thus reducing the sun intensity and eliminating the harm of ultraviolet rays to human body and fabric. UV resistant fabric mainly contains effective ultraviolet absorption materials. The product is non explosive, safe to human body, no stimulation to skin, no allergic reaction, and does not affect the color, strength and moisture absorption and permeability of the fabric. UV resistant fabric includes cotton, hemp, silk, wool, polyester cotton and nylon. The fabric has good absorption and transformation of ultraviolet (especially UV-A and UV-B) in 180-400nm band Reflection and scattering

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