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Oil resistant and water repellent fabric

2021-06-22 15:52 | writer: admin

    What is the difference between water proofing and water splashing? How are they expressed in series? These two words often make people feel confused, not clear, the following to introduce you!
Water repellent, also known as water repellent, is realized by coating in most cases, and it is usually on the outer layer of fabric.     
    It means that the surface of the fabric has a very low surface tension. After the water drops fall, it is very large relative to the surface tension of the fabric. It causes the water drops to contract on their own surface and become spherical and can not be spread, so they quickly slide from the fabric in the form of water drops. In most cases, laminated (film) materials are used. There are also capsule fibers, compact fabrics, silicification and other treatment forms, and usually in the inner layer of the fabric. In terms of specific effectiveness, it can be distinguished from two aspects:
1. Waterproof products should be more durable than water products, more stable in physical and chemical properties, and products will not fail due to washing and long-term use;
2. Waterproof products should have higher water pressure resistance index than water products, usually more than 3000mm. When applied to the specific function of clothing, the main function of water splashing treatment is to reduce the adsorption of water on the fabric surface, so that water can be absorbed on the fabric surface; Dial & quot;. Waterproof treatment is a very impermeable barrier, no matter whether the fabric absorbs water or not, it will keep out the water. Waterproof products are to do water pressure test, and anti splash water is to do rain test, the latter generally do not do coating. It is a super water splashing agent, which is mainly composed of organic fluorine compounds.
    The water and oil repellent fabric produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has a hydrophobic function on the surface of the fabric, which is similar to the rolling effect of water on the lotus leaf. At the same time, it has the characteristics of oil resistance, and the treated fabric still retains the original characteristics of the original fabric, so the treated clothing is easier to clean. All kinds of protective clothing made of oil-resistant and water repellent fabrics are suitable for workers who frequently contact with oil and water medium.

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