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Why does cotton fabric shrink

2021-05-26 17:34 | writer: admin

      Cotton fabrics have good moisture absorption, high moisture retention, good heat resistance, strong alkali resistance and environmental protection are the reasons why everyone is willing to buy cotton fabrics. As for the cotton fabrics you care about will shrink? The answer is yes. But why does cotton shrink?
       First of all, let’s talk about the material of all cotton. The fabric of pure cotton is composed of plant fibers. When the fabric is soaked, water molecules will enter the interior of the cotton fiber, causing the fiber to puff. When the weft (or warp) direction of the fabric puffs and becomes thicker , The fabric will shrink, so the longer it is immersed in water, the larger the shrinkage will be. Of course, this is only relatively speaking, it will not shrink endlessly. Therefore, in the process of textile dyeing and finishing of pure cotton fabrics, the fibers have to be stretched by a certain external force. After finishing, this stretching will temporarily stay in a "stable" state. When immersed in water and washed, the moisture will gradually weaken the connection between the fiber molecules, reduce the friction on the fiber surface, and destroy the temporary "stable" state, and the fiber will restore or close to the original equilibrium state. Generally speaking, in the process of weaving, dyeing and finishing cotton fabrics, it needs to be stretched many times. The shrinkage rate of fabrics with greater tension is greater, and vice versa.
       Washing of cotton fabrics: Do not use hot water, the water temperature must be controlled below 35 ℃, can not be soaked in detergent for a long time, can not be ironed at a temperature higher than 120 ℃, can not be exposed to the sun, can not be dried. The correct washing and drying should be done in a cool place. Use flat or round stick-type drying racks. Washing is best done by hand.
      For all cotton fabric products, the international standard shrinkage rate is ≤±3%, which is within the normal range. Because all cotton fabrics have shrinkage problems to some extent, the key is to look at the subsequent finishing of the garment factory. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has spent 19 years. Our products such as all-cotton flame-retardant fabrics can meet the higher standards of international requirements. We have been continuously developing high-quality and higher-quality products, making our Products have been well received in overseas markets. 

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