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Civil protective clothing requirements and introduction

2021-04-27 10:03 | writer: admin

Recently, the resumption of work and production abroad has greatly increased the demand for protective clothing and other materials. Due to different national standards, non-medical protective clothing exported from my country has been misused for medical purposes from time to time. How to quickly and accurately distinguish between medical and non-medical disposable protective clothing? Observe whether the product packaging information contains words such as "medical" or English "surgical", "medical", and whether it describes medical application scenarios and medical uses. If relevant information is available, it can generally be judged as medical protective clothing, otherwise it is non-medical Protective clothing, that is, civilian protective clothing.
We understand the next disposable civilian clothing: usually a hooded one-piece design, with the characteristics of impermeability, breathability, and high hydrostatic pressure. Disposable civilian protective clothing has good barrier properties, high density, high strength, and can prevent fine dust and liquid from penetrating. Disposable isolation suits are widely used in industries and sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, machinery, chemicals, painting, environmental protection, cleaning and disinfection, laboratories, etc. There are a variety of specifications suitable for different environments.
The disposable civilian protective clothing produced by Yulong Textile is more fit, and its cuffs, ankles, and hats are all designed with elastic closures. The purpose is to strengthen the clothing when matched with other protective equipment to achieve higher tightness and prevent dust or dust. The liquid enters the inside from there. In addition, in order to facilitate movement and work, and provide better flexibility for wearing, the waist of protective clothing is usually tightened with elastic elastic bands to increase work efficiency and use safety. In addition to better putting on and taking off, this design can make the fit tighter. In order to achieve higher airtightness of disposable civilian protective clothing, when the protective clothing is sewn, all stitches in the protective clothing need to be glued and sealed by a pressure gluing machine to prevent dust or liquid from entering the sewing. Enhance the isolation performance and use safety of clothing.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. always adheres to the tenet of "product quality as the foundation, product innovation and development", professional design, meticulous work, strict control of the process flow, product quality is more guaranteed, professional and good service, and supply of high-quality products , And strive to provide solutions for each customer. 

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