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Certification and safety design of flame retardant protective clothing

2021-04-06 11:15 | writer: admin

At present, most enterprises adopt the inspection report issued by the third party organization to evaluate the performance parameters of flame retardant clothing, while the industrial production license is adopted to control the production and quality consistency of the production enterprises before that (the certification has cancelled the government compulsory certification supervision of special labor protection articles in September 2019), but both of them can not truly reflect the enterprise's requirements for the performance parameters of flame retardant clothing Each flame retardant clothing performance and quality control ability.
The experience and practice of the United States in this respect is worth our reference. They adopt the voluntary product certification (UL certification). In addition to the inspection of product standard compliance, the certification mode should also carry out the record management for raw materials and sources, and carry out all-round verification for the on-site equipment, production capacity, process flow, quality control, etc.
Secondly, the structural design of flame retardant protective clothing should be based on safety and appropriately combined with fashion or personality requirements. Many enterprises attach great importance to the unity of the image of employees. In order to highlight the brand image of enterprises and the style of employees, we mainly use the customized way to design the style and structure of flame retardant clothing. In this process, we need to fully consider the safety of the design scheme. However, it is worth mentioning that there are also some enterprises that have no personalized requirements for the structural design of clothing models. Considering the scale, cost and procurement cycle, they hope that the manufacturers of flame retardant protective clothing can provide a choice of products with qualified quality, fast supply and relatively low price. It is better for the enterprises to have spot supply.
The current situation is that the popularity rate of flame retardant protective clothing is seriously low, the quantity is small, and it is basically a customized mode, without a unified model and structure style. The production enterprises of flame retardant protective clothing can not predict the personalized needs of customers in advance, and can not prepare the spot stock, and the delivery time is long. The widespread demand for flame retardant steel is small and scattered, which is a difficult market pain point for demand enterprises and production enterprises.
With the market demand, many organizations and enterprises are looking for solutions. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has spent 19 years. We specialize in producing all kinds of flame retardant fabrics and flame retardant tooling. All products meet the requirements of Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and their flame retardancy can reach the standards of en11611, en11612, nfpa2112, UL, etc. If necessary, please contact us in time. According to the characteristics of the industry, the structural design of flame retardant clothing is carried out, which provides a good solution and style to solve the market pain points, and builds a bridge between buyers and producers.

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