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How to identify whether the flame retardant composition of flame retardant work clothes is qualified or not when ordering?

2021-01-08 16:12 | writer: admin

As a manufacturer of custom-made fire-retardant work clothes in Xinxiang, Yulong Textile has been engaged in custom-made work clothes for 20 years. The following two aspects will be explained for you.
1. The unqualified PH value is mainly because the molecules of natural fibers such as cotton contain hydrophilic groups such as hydroxyl groups, which have a certain affinity with acids and alkalis. If the washing (neutralization) during the production process is not thorough enough, or washing with water The various finishing agents added in the process are not regulated and controlled, which will cause acid and alkali residues on the fabric.
2. The unqualified rate of color fastness is also very high. Internationally, especially developed countries and regions have put forward mandatory testing requirements for clothing color fastness indicators. For example, Oko-Tex100, the most representative in Europe, lists color fastness as a safety item and clearly specifies specific technical requirements.
The fire-retardant work clothes produced by Yulong Textile, a professionally produced work clothes factory in Xinxiang, have the following characteristics and technical parameters:
1. It is made of flame-retardant materials, has strong flexibility and is comfortable to wear. It has a wide range of applications. This flame-retardant clothing can provide the most effective protection whether it is a pipe worker or a wire-pull worker;
2. Use convenient, durable and safe insulated buttons. The upper body fire-retardant and flame-retardant clothes have safe and convenient built-in pockets, and the cuffs are equipped with adjustable buttons.
3. Flame-retardant work clothes are one of the most widely used types of personal protective equipment. The principle of flame-retardant clothing protection is mainly to use shielding effects such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, and carbonization isolation. Flame-retardant clothing protects workers from open flames or heat sources. s damage.
4. Flame-retardant clothing is made of fabric. The flame-retardant fiber in the fabric greatly slows down the burning speed of the fiber. It will be extinguished immediately after the fire source is removed, and the burning part is quickly charred without melting, dripping or piercing. People have time to evacuate the burning scene or take off the burning clothes on their bodies to reduce or avoid burns and scalds to achieve the purpose of protection. It is widely used in oil fields, petrochemical industry, gas stations, chemical industry, fire protection and other occasions where there are various protection requirements for clothing.

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