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The hazards and solutions of static electricity

2020-12-16 18:02 | writer: admin

There are many hazards from static electricity. The first hazard comes from the interaction of charged objects. When the aircraft body rubs against air, moisture, dust and other particles, the aircraft will be charged. If no measures are taken, it will seriously interfere with the normal operation of the aircraft radio equipment; in a printing plant, static electricity between the paper pages will cause the paper pages Glued together.
It is difficult to separate, which brings trouble to printing; in pharmaceutical factories, because static electricity attracts dust, the medicine will not reach the standard purity; when the TV is placed on the screen, the static electricity on the screen surface can easily absorb dust and oil, forming a dusty film. It reduces the clarity and brightness of the image; the dust that is common on blended clothes and is not easy to shoot is also a ghost of static electricity.
The second major hazard of static electricity is the possibility of explosion due to static sparks igniting certain flammable objects. In the dark night, when people take off nylon and woolen clothes, they will make sparks and "beating" sounds, which are basically harmless to the human body. But on the operating table, electric sparks can cause an anesthetic explosion, hurting doctors and patients; in coal mines, it can cause a gas explosion, which can cause death and injury to workers, and the mine will be scrapped. In short, electrostatic hazards are caused by the use of electricity and electrostatic sparks. The most serious electrostatic discharge in electrostatic hazards causes fires and explosions of combustibles. So we need to know some anti-static knowledge:
First, when washing clothes, you can add some softener bai to make the clothes softer and reduce the friction of the clothes, so that the static electricity can be well removed.
Second, when washing clothes, you can put some white vinegar in the washing machine in the final rinsing stage. Using white vinegar water can also remove static electricity from clothes and reduce the chance of electric shock.
Third, do not use a dryer to dry the clothes when washing clothes, because drying clothes with a dryer will increase the friction of the clothes, which will increase the static electricity on the clothes. It is best to dry them naturally. Can reduce static electricity on clothes.
Fourth, put some coins in the closet. The coins contain iron, which can absorb the static electricity on the clothes very well, so that when you wear clothes, you can reduce the chance of electric shock.
Fifth, negative ion combs, and there are many negative ion equipment for removing static electricity, such as the commonly used negative ion combs, which can achieve this effect. Do a few combs on clothes, especially sweaters. Can eliminate a lot of static electricity.
Sixth, wipe body lotion. If your skin is relatively dry, wearing chemical fiber materials like stockings or leggings is particularly prone to cause static electricity. It is best to wipe body lotion or lightly put on stockings. Lightly rubbing a layer of moisturizer will prevent static electricity, and the embarrassment of skirt sticking to leggings can also be eliminated.
Seventh, spray, prepare a spray can, add one or two drops of perfume and water to mix the spray can, spray it on the clothes with static electricity at any time, keep the humidity will not be static, and the clothes are still fragrant . This perfume spray can not only help you eliminate static electricity, but also help you to eliminate odor after hot pot!
Eighth, the air is humidified, and static electricity is easy to generate and accumulate in a dry environment. Therefore, when clothing is often charged with static electricity, it may be that the air in the living and working environment is too dry, and the air should be humidified. You can spray water mist on the air, or use a humidifier, or directly place a basin, or you can directly spray water.
In addition, you can also buy anti-static clothing. The anti-static clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is equipped with anti-static guide wire to prevent static electricity from the fabric. It meets the export standards and meets the national standard, European standard, American standard, and Russian standard. Friends in need can contact us as soon as possible.

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