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Welder protective clothing

2020-12-01 10:28 | writer: admin

Welding uniforms are labor protection supplies or work clothes factory uniforms customized for welding workers according to the pros and cons of the industrial classification of the welding environment and the strength of ultraviolet rays. They are generally long-sleeved, square-necked, and flat-shaped. Some have protective properties, such as wear resistance, heat insulation and fire resistance. You can mix and match one color or two colors, through black, sky blue, and red.
Welder clothing is a protective clothing worn by welding workers at work. Usually electric welders work under conditions of high temperature, welding slag splashing, high radiation, etc. If they don't wear protective equipment correctly, they can easily cause harm to the body. Material of welder's clothes: ox leather, canvas, flame-retardant cloth, etc. Accessories: fireproof wire, insulating buckle, reinforcement nails, etc. Welding uniform standards: China does not have relevant standards, and the EU CE standards shall prevail. Welding uniforms are wear-resistant, heat-insulating, and fire-resistant; the key stressed parts are made of double-layer leather and pot nail reinforcement structure, providing a highly safe working environment; equipped with adjustable velcro upright collar to prevent burning Welding spatter; a seam guard is placed on the shoulder to enhance durability. The fire-retardant cotton collar is safe, comfortable and absorbent. There are linings on the upper part of the sleeves and shoulders for easy wearing and removing. The front chest protective leather strip design of the welder's clothing can prevent welding spatter from splashing into the clothing, and the double-layer leather and pot nail reinforcement structure can prevent tearing.
Protective clothing for welders is widely used for the protection of rough smelting, refining, drawing, pressing, melting and casting of aluminum. Welder's protective clothing is a clothing made of fabric, leather or fabric fabrics made by filming or spraying using sewing technology to prevent molten metal, sparks or high temperature burning of the human body during welding. The quality of the product should meet the requirements in GB8965.2-2009 "Welding protective clothing" and GB/T 17599-1998 "Determination of resistance to impact of molten metal". The anti-metal droplet impact performance tester is used to measure the heat resistance of protective clothing fabrics impacted by metal droplets.
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