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Yulong reminds autumn and winter epidemic prevention and control

2020-10-27 17:08 | writer: admin

Recently, there were 164 new cases of nucleic acid positive in Kashgar, Xinjiang, all of whom were asymptomatic. The new crown virus is worthy of being the most powerful enemy of mankind in a hundred years. Its cunning lies in that it can always find a gap, escape the strict prevention and control system, and hit people head-on in an unexpected way.
The current prevailing view is that the Kashgar epidemic is related to the fall in temperature in autumn and winter.
Professor Lu Hongzhou, an infectious disease expert at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, explained that in winter, the virus is more likely to survive in the external low temperature environment for a longer period of time. This is a secondary factor. The most critical factor is that due to the low temperature, people are likely to be in closed doors and windows. In the environment, infection caused by close contact between people. In other words, human behavior is the main determinant that makes the virus easier to spread in autumn and winter.
   Pay attention to a healthy life in daily life, especially daily hygiene and cleaning. In fact, many times, we actually do not do well in sanitation, such as disinfection of daily necessities, and we don’t wash our hands carefully. In this epidemic, we are constantly learning all kinds of knowledge, and we are really working hard to implement it seriously, such as washing hands carefully, and disinfecting clothes and daily necessities.
Preparedness should be a daily operation. Due to the international spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine and other countries announced the suspension of some grain exports, and there was a situation of "food hoarding" in many places in China. Hoard some medical masks, disposable protective isolation suits, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention materials, not too much, so as to be prepared.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level anti-epidemic material guarantee enterprise, and has a second-class medical device operation record certificate, record number: Yuxin City Supervision Equipment Operation Record 20200213. Our company produces and sells disposable protective isolation clothing, disposable shoe covers, etc., and sells disposable medical masks, N95 masks, infrared thermometers, surgical gowns and other medical supplies. I believe we will defeat the virus in the end, and we hope that everyone can do the best risk confrontation within their own capabilities.

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