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Fire safety tips

2020-09-03 16:02 | writer: admin

1. What are the "four capabilities" of fire safety?
(1) Check the ability to eliminate fire hazards
(2) The ability to fight the initial fire
(3) The ability to organize evacuation
(4) Ability to promote education and training
2. What is the policy of fire protection work?
Prevention first, combination of prevention and elimination
1. "Prevention first" is to deal with the relationship between fire prevention and prevention, and to fight fire
In China, fire prevention must be put in the first place, and various active measures must be taken from the ideological, organizational and institutional aspects to prevent the occurrence of fires.
2. "Combination of prevention and elimination" means that while actively doing a good job in fire prevention,
Fully prepare for fire fighting technically. Strengthen the construction of voluntary firefighting teams within the enterprise, equip adequate firefighting equipment, strengthen firefighting training, be on duty to prepare for battle, and be unremitting. Once a fire occurs, it can be extinguished quickly and in time to minimize the fire hazard.

3. Fire fighting tasks
1. Control and fire all unsafe conditions and factors of fire and explosion;
2. Limit and eliminate the conditions and factors for the spread and expansion of fires and explosions;
3. Ensure that there are enough firefighters and firefighting equipment, so that if a fire occurs, it can be extinguished in time to reduce losses;
4. Ensure that there are enough safe exits and passages for people to escape and material evacuation;
5. Thoroughly find out the causes of fires and explosions, and achieve the "three do not let go" (that is, do not let go of unknown causes; do not let go of accident responsibility and employees who have not been educated; do not let go of preventive measures if not implemented).
4. How to use dry powder fire extinguisher?
When using a portable dry powder fire extinguisher, you should remove the safety pin, hold the hose with one hand, and aim the nozzle at the root of the flame; press the handle with the other hand, and the dry powder can be sprayed to extinguish the fire. (Short note: pull out the pin, hold the tube, press the handle)
5. What are the precautions for using dry powder fire extinguishers?
In the event of a fire, take a fire extinguisher nearby, pull out the safety plug with the other hand, shake it up and down several times, and stand 3-4 meters upwind from the fire. Hold the pressing handle and spray it at the root of the fire source and keep pushing forward until the fire goes out.
(1) Pressurized injection at the root of the flame, not too high
(2) Spray 2 to 3 meters from the flame
(3) Stand in the upper wind direction of the flame and spray
(Short note: 2-3 meters upwind from the fire root spray)
6. How to identify the fire extinguisher pressure gauge?
If the pointer of the pressure gauge points to the green zone, the pressure is just right; if the pointer of the pressure gauge points to the yellow zone, it means the pressure is too high; if the pointer of the pressure gauge points to the red zone, the pressure is insufficient. (Short note: green zone is good, yellow zone is big, red zone is small)
7. How to use the fire hydrant?
When using a fire hydrant, first turn off the power of all fire extinguishing sites, open the glass door of the fire hydrant, press the manual alarm button, and the water pump connected to it will automatically pressurize. After connecting the water hose gun (open the water valve due to water If the pressure is high, hold the water gun head flat) and shoot directly at the fire site until the fire is out.
(1) Open the fire hydrant door and press the internal fire alarm button if there is a button.
(2) One person took the gun head and hose and ran towards the fire point.
(3) Another person connects the hose and valve port.
(4) Open the valve counterclockwise and spray water out. (Short note: press the alarm, connect the gun belt, open the valve)

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