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Fire drill of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Company

2020-08-22 10:26 | writer: admin

How does Xinxiang Yulong Textile manage fire protection?
Purpose: Improve the ability of inspection to eliminate fire hazards, self-inspection of fire safety, and self-removal of fire hazards
1. Determine the fire safety manager and do a good job in the fire safety management of the unit.
2. Regularly carry out fire protection inspections and implement fire protection responsibilities of employees.
3. The hidden fire hazard should be eliminated immediately to ensure the fire safety of the unit.
4. If the fire hazard cannot be eliminated immediately, rectification measures shall be implemented to eliminate it within a time limit.
Specific implementation measures: identification of fire-fighting facilities and popularization of fire-fighting knowledge
1. The fire safety education and training system should be improved, and regular publicity and education activities should be carried out.
2. The fire-fighting facilities and equipment should be marked with eye-catching signs to indicate the operation, use, and maintenance methods.
3. Key parts (places), evacuation passages, and safety exits should be set with reminders or warning signs. 4. Receive fire safety training and understand the basic skills of fire fighting and evacuation and self-rescue.

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