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What are the characteristics of pullene flame retardant fabrics

2020-07-30 17:59 | writer: admin

Pullulene is a kind of flame-retardant auxiliary agent and also a kind of flame-retardant process. The flame-retardant pullulene fabric produced by this process has many advantages and is widely used.
The flame retardant process of pullulene method originated from Aowei Company in the United Kingdom, and its main ingredients are low-molecular-weight pre-condensed products of tetramethylolphosphorus chloride (THPC) and amide. After the fabric is impregnated with flame retardant, the pre-condensed body formed by THPC and amide penetrates into the amorphous area and gap of the fiber, and then the ammonia gas cross-links the hydroxymethyl in the pre-condensed body during the ammonia fumigation, and is inside the fiber After forming a flame-retardant polymer, it is oxidized to stabilize it. Therefore, the fabric treated by the Proben method has a soft hand feel and little loss of strength, and basically maintains the comfort and durability of the fabric.
The water-soluble flame retardant of pullulan easily penetrates into the fiber and becomes a high molecular polymer after the ammonia fumigation chemical reaction, forming inherent crosslinks, making it have durable flame retardant properties, and this flame retardant The performance does not decrease with the increase of washing times. At the same time, this flame-retardant finishing does not change the original characteristics of the fabric fibers, thereby maintaining the original properties of the fabric. This kind of pullulene flame-retardant cloth has the characteristics of charring in case of fire, self-extinguishing from the fire, and effective prevention of flame spread. The flame-retardant protective clothing made of it can effectively prevent the flame from harming the human body and provide effective Security protection.
The development of flame-retardant fabrics made of pullulan makes fabrics made of natural fibers have reliable flame-retardant properties and good durability, which can be used in modern daily life and professional working environments.

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