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Important classification and requirements of flame retardant cloth

2020-07-28 14:36 | writer: admin

The importance of flame-retardant cloth is now deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many companies have begun to equip their workers with corresponding flame-retardant cloth production work clothes. Flame-retardant work clothes are inseparable from flame-retardant fabrics. There are many types of flame-retardant fabrics, including disposable flame-retardant fabrics, durable flame-retardant fabrics and wash-resistant flame-retardant fabrics. The flame-retardant fabrics commonly used at present are all Durable flame-retardant cloth, qualified flame-retardant cloth can be washed more than 50 times. Generally, the classification of flame-retardant fabrics mainly include: cotton flame-retardant fabric, C/N cotton-nylon flame-retardant fabric, CVC flame-retardant fabric, flame-retardant anti-static fabric, aramid flame-retardant fabric, acrylic flame-retardant fabric, oil and water repellent Fabric, anti-mosquito fabric, anti-ultraviolet fabric, etc.
At present, the international flame-retardant fabric industry is developing in the direction of comfort, health, ecology and green. The development of dyeing and flame-retardant additives should keep up with the requirements of flame-retardant fabrics. Improve product quality and reduce production costs. The flame-retardant finishing agents for flame-retardant fabrics are also classified according to the degree of durability. 1. Non-durable flame-retardant finishing agents: temporary flame-retardant finishing agents, which will quickly lose flame-retardant properties after washing with water. The method is simple in process and relatively expensive Low, suitable for fabrics that will not wash. 2. Semi-durable flame-retardant finishing agent: the fabric after flame-retardant finishing can withstand 1-10 gentle washing. But it is not resistant to high temperature soaping. 3. Durable flame-retardant finishing agent: It is also a more commonly used finishing method for flame-retardant fabrics. Generally, the number of washes can reach more than 30 times.
At present, in order to uniformly manage flame-retardant fabrics and other flame-retardant products, corresponding flame-retardant standards have been formulated. Currently, European and American standards are used uniformly. European standards include EN471, EN11611, EN11612, EN1149-5, etc., and American standards include ASTM D6413, NFPA 2112, ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E/IEC 61482-1-1, etc.

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