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Aramid of high temperature resistant flame retardant high-grade fabric

2020-07-14 15:27 | writer: admin

Flame retardant work clothes are the most widely used in personal protective equipment. At present, the more high-end flame retardant work clothes are made of aramid flame retardant fabrics. Today we come to understand the advantages of aramid flame retardant fabrics.
Aramid flame retardant fabric is a natural flame retardant fiber. The fabric produced has excellent performance, will not melt under high temperature conditions, has good thermal stability, soft feel, moisture absorption and breathability. select. The first is to have high-strength performance, that is, good mechanical properties. The breaking strength of aramid fabric is higher than ordinary polyester, cotton, nylon, etc., the elongation is large, the spinnability is good, the color fastness is high, and the weight is light. It has good dimensional stability and can be produced into short fibers and filaments with different deniers and lengths.
The aramid flame retardant fabric itself has permanent flame retardant properties, and has the advantages of heat resistance, high strength, high wear resistance, low shrinkage, chemical resistance, no melting droplets during combustion, no toxic gas generation, and excellent radiation resistance. Secondly, its high wear resistance and high tear resistance are excellent. The low shrinkage, friction resistance, and long service life of the fabric meet the requirements of protective clothing in different fields.
Aramid fabrics combine the advantages of common flame retardant fabrics, and durability and washability are very important advantages. Aramid fabrics have permanent heat protection, flame resistance and corrosion resistance. The fabric will not damage its excellent performance due to long use time, and the strength drop is small. In addition, it has excellent anti-static properties, and the fabric also takes into account the effect of ventilation and moisture insulation.
We can customize the design according to customer requirements. Aramid flame retardant fabrics are combined with a variety of functions such as arc protection, oil resistance and water repellency to make protective clothing to improve protection performance and comfort. Fabrics are widely used in special protective clothing in industries such as aerospace, firefighting, power, petrochemical, metallurgy, gas, casting, welding, composite materials, bulletproof products, etc.
Yulong Textile is an enterprise specializing in the production and sale of various protective fabrics and functional protective clothing. We have advanced production equipment, perfect testing equipment and professional team to provide customers with quality products and services. The company's products have passed the rigorous testing by third-party organizations and have reached the testing standards for various protective clothing and fabrics. The exports of fabrics and clothing are exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other foreign markets, and are well received by customers.

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