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How to choose anti-static clothing

2020-06-18 17:22 | writer: admin

How to buy anti-static clothing? The quality of anti-static clothing will directly affect the product quality of the enterprise and the personal safety of employees, so when purchasing anti-static clothing, you must not relax your vigilance. So, how to buy anti-static clothing is better? Xiaobian has collected some tips for everyone. Let's take a look.
First, look at the fabric
High-quality anti-static clothing is made of anti-static fabric. The inferior anti-static clothing is made of ordinary fabrics. The method of judging the fabric is actually very simple. Check whether there are black conductive fibers in the reverse side of the anti-static clothing, pockets, welts, and reinforcement cloth, or wash the anti-static clothing with water again, and then test whether the resistivity has decreased. If it does not change, it is a high-quality anti-static clothing, while the low-quality anti-static clothing will reduce the resistivity after passing water.
Second, look at accessories
Anti-static clothing accessories, metal materials can not be used. If there is metal material on the anti-static clothing, it may become a conductor in the electrostatic sensitive area of ​​fine dust, threatening human health. Accessories such as buttons, zippers, hooks, and trips should be made of plastic or nylon. In order to save costs, some anti-static clothing manufacturers will use some semi-metal and semi-nylon materials to make accessories. Therefore, when you choose anti-static clothing, you should use magnets to test the auxiliary materials. What does not respond to the magnet is the regular anti-static clothing, otherwise it is inferior.
Third, look at the manufacturer
Anti-static clothing made by regular anti-static clothing manufacturers must have passed all audit standards. Therefore, when you buy anti-static clothing, you should choose regular qualified manufacturers. If you want to know whether a manufacturer is formal, just check its business license and various test reports and certificates of anti-static clothing products. Manufacturers without these things are usually small workshops, and the quality and after-sales service of the anti-static clothing they manufacture cannot be guaranteed.
In addition to the several methods mentioned above, you can also judge by rubbing the anti-static clothing and measuring the voltage. If it can be reduced to less than 100V within three seconds, it is a high-quality anti-static clothing.
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