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Under what circumstances are disposable isolation suits and protective clothing used?

2020-05-30 11:17 | writer: admin

  The outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia in 2020, with the development of the epidemic, the demand for epidemic prevention supplies has increased greatly, especially the variety of products such as isolation clothing, protective clothing, surgical clothing, masks and so on. Many people think that protective clothing and isolation clothing are a kind of clothing. In fact, there is a certain difference between the two. Below we give you a detailed analysis of the scope of use of disposable isolation and protective clothing.
  Disposable separators are usually made of non-woven fabrics combined with PE film, a material with better penetration resistance. The main features are anti-permeability, abrasion resistance and tear resistance. Disposable gowns are mostly used by medical personnel to avoid contamination by liquids or other infectious objects. They are also used as protective equipment to protect patients from infection. Use environment, such as contact with patients with infectious diseases; when protective isolation is performed on patients, the patients may be threatened by splashing when they are treated and treated.
  Protective clothing must have a liquid barrier function, such as water permeability resistance, surface moisture resistance, flame retardant properties and antistatic properties, in addition, it has requirements for breaking strength, breaking elongation, and filtration efficiency. Disposable protective clothing is a professional protective equipment worn by clinical medical personnel when they come into contact with patients with Class A or Class A infectious diseases. Protective clothing is to prevent medical personnel from being infected and is a single isolation.
  The main difference between disposable and protective clothing is that protective clothing is more durable than protective clothing, has a higher level of protection, and has better protective safety performance. In addition to meeting the requirements of good barrier property, good moisture permeability, high density, high strength and high wear resistance, the two are different due to different protection purposes and protection principles. In addition, the price of disposable protective clothing is higher than that of isolation clothing, so for different jobs, the selection of protective clothing is also different. The use of these two types of clothing is an important measure to prevent and control the occurrence of viral infections, and plays an important role in protecting patients and medical workers.
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