What Aspects of Custom Workshop Uniform need Attention

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Many customers directly ask: How much is a workshop uniform ? This question always leaves us wondering where to start.In fact, in addition to the price,there are many other issues that cannot be ignored. We briefly introduce the details that need to be paid attention to when making customized workshop uniform.
The first is the functionality of the workshop uniform. As the clothing for work, the basic requirement is simple and comfortable, easy to operate. One of the important roles is to provide security for employees. The protection of workshop uniform is mainly manifested in two aspects:one is the skin care and cleaning characteristics,including wash resistance, wear resistance, dirt resistance, bacteria resistance and mildew resistance;the other is  the protective body anti-injury characteristics,mainly in the work clothes of high strength tear resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on. Comfortable work clothes can improve work efficiency and reduce fatigue.
Custom Workshop Uniform
The second is the professionalism of the workshop uniform .We are mainly for the industry category of the enterprise, nature of work, labor intensity, operating environment and other aspects of the style of work clothes to create the style of uniform,to achieve the maximum effect of protection, safety, comfort. When making uniform, it is necessary to select high-quality fabrics, soft breathable and sweat-absorbing, not easy to fade and pilling, durable and wear-resistant, professional testing, strict control. In terms of sewing technology, professional design,rigorous cutting, fine workmanship and neat line. There are also details of the uniform design, such as the neckline, pockets, elastic, hem and other fine work, not only simple and beautiful but also durable.
In addition, we can make special workshop uniform for people who need protection in special working environment. Garment materials are generally made of special materials, such as flame retardant, anti-static, anti-arc, anti-oil and water-repellent fabrics.The company can provide effective customized solutions for workshop uniforms according to customer requirements.
We are a professional workshop uniform custom manufacturer. A uniform is from production to shipment,full-flow production,quality assurance,with a comprehensive after-sales service system,cost-effective, can solve product worries.The supply of products in a variety of styles,complete specifications,simple and convenient workshop uniform,which not only require strong practicability,but also beautiful version,to strengthen the cohesion, enhance employees sense of belonging to the company , build security guarantee for the employees.It is not only labor protection, making everyone safe and assured, working with more passion, but also an embodiment of corporate culture.

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