What are The Characteristics of High Strength Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric?

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The cotton flame retardant fabric is made of 100% natural fiber cotton weaving and finishing.It has the characteristics of carbonization in fire,fire extinguishing, non-delayed combustion, non-renewal, good drape sensitivity, quick moisture absorption, fine fabric and soft gloss. This fabric is mainly made of flame retardant and processed with flame retardant process,and forms a permanent cross-linking in the fabric's interior,thus making it durable flame retardant and washable more than 50 times. This flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent flame spread, but also maintain the original comfort properties of the fabric.
The high strength cotton flame retardant fabric produced by Yulong Textile are available in various specifications, including twill, plain, satin and weft knitted fabrics and other specifications.Our cotton flame retardant fabric have high strength and excellent color fastness to ensure long-lasting durability and excellent flame retardant protection after multiple washes,which can ensure durability and maintain high quality flame-retardant protection after repeated washing. We strictly control the formaldehyde content during the production process to make it safer and more environmentally friendly and prevent the human body from being harmed. We follow strict quality testing procedures for each batch of goods.All tested cotton flame retardant fabric can meet the standards of EN11612, EN11611, NFPA2112 and ASTM after testing,which not only ensures the safety and environmental protection of the fabric, but also ensures the health of your life and work safety.
cotton flame retardant fabric
The functional cotton flame retardant fabric produced by the company are mainly used for making protective clothing, special functional clothing and industrial fabrics with excellent flame retardant performance.They are widely used in fire fighting, petroleum, electric power, natural gas, metallurgy, machinery, mining and  chemical industry and other industries. The flame retardant protective clothing made of the flame retardant fabric is very comfortable to wear, with excellent washing resistance, non-toxic, tasteless and non irritating,breathable and moisture-permeable, soft and comfortable, wear resistant and wrinkle resistant,which can avoid the harm of flame to human body and provide effective safety protection.
Our company is a professional manufacturer of cotton flame retardant fabric and other protective functional fabrics.The company has its own production base, development department and professional testing center, has a wealth of experience and professional textile technology.
Because professional so the best. We focus on the development of various flame retardant fabric, and can customize various special specifications fabrics according to customer needs. After years of hard work, with reliable quality and reasonable price,our products not only have a broad market in China, but also sell well in the international market.We will continue to provide customers with high quality products and satisfactory services.

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