How does China detect the protective performance of fireproof clothing?

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Thermal protective clothing refers to various protective clothing that protects the human body from working under high temperature conditions to avoid the human body's damage to high temperatures. Thermal protective clothing not only has the performance of ordinary protective clothing, but also has the function of protecting the human body under high temperature conditions. The thermal protection properties of thermal protective clothing depend on the location of the thermal suit and the environment in which it is used. Because under different conditions of use, the heat source that causes harm to the human body has many forms, such as flame, contact heat, radiant heat, spark and molten metal spray, high temperature gas and hot steam, as well as by arc. Thermal protection performance requirements are also different. At the same time, thermal protection performance is also related to heat source heat transfer mode. Generally, heat transfer methods include heat convection, heat transfer, heat radiation, and combinations of the two or three methods described above. Therefore, in the practical application of thermal protective clothing, thermal protective clothing should have different thermal protection properties for different purposes of use and environment. However, in general, thermal protective clothing must have thermal protection properties such as flame retardancy, thermal insulation, integrity and resistance to liquid permeation.
The thermal protection properties of thermal protective clothing can be tested and evaluated by some test methods. China has conducted extensive research in this area and developed corresponding test methods and standards. The research on the thermal protection performance test methods of domestic thermal protective clothing mainly focuses on the testing and evaluation of the flame retardant performance of thermal protective clothing.
At present, China has established a relatively complete flame retardant test method and standard for fabrics, including vertical method, horizontal method, oxygen index method, 45° tilt method and smoke concentration method. In the flame retardant performance test of fireproof clothing, China uses the vertical method for test evaluation, referring to foreign similar standards, that is, measuring the continuous burning time, smoldering time and damage length of the material. At the same time, China has also established a national standard for “thermal protection properties of thermal protective fabrics and impact resistance to molten metal”. In the Ministry of Public Security's "Firefighters General Protective Clothing Standards and Performance Requirements and Insulation Apparel Test Methods", a test method for the protective device's resistance to radiation penetration was developed. Fabric heat radiation testers and fabric heat transfer testers were developed to test and evaluate thermal protection performance.

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